# Configuration

Before you can start creating fragments, you need to set up the fragment types and template zones. The Fragments section will only appear after at least one fragment type and one template zone are created.

# Fragment types

Fragment types are similar to how entry types are set up. Custom fields can be specified to give a structured content model for the fragments.

To create a new fragment type, go to Settings → Fragments → Fragment Types.

Fragment types

Create a fragment type and specify its field layout:

Editing a fragment type

# Zones

Template zones (or zones, as we simply call it) allow you to specify areas in your templates where fragments can be created and displayed in. Zones can also limit the fragment types that are allowed to be created in them. This helps make it easier to organise and manage fragments in the zones.

To create a new template zone, go to Settings → Fragments → Zones.


Create a zone and specify the fragment types allowed in the zone and its propagation method:

Editing a zone